Do you often laugh when someone gets hurt (not seriously hurt)?

For example, like on America’s Funniest Home Videos (or the like)…or if one of your friends or family members trip or something.

Answer #1

to be honest i dont! not that im like thats not nice dont laugh, its just the fact that i find it more teeth clenching then funny, i cant watch someone get hurt! but i know heaps of ppl that do laugh at ppl getting hurt

Answer #2

I laugh, I can’t even deny. But when someone gets seriously hurt I dont.

Answer #3

Its really not the nicest thing to do, but I do it occassionally. Its just sometime when people fall they look awfully funny. I got a good laugh yesterday when my husband tried to avoid the cat and ended up tripping over the Chihauhua instead and sent his bowl of chips flying.( I have my suspicions the pets set him up, as they got all the chips that hit the floor! LOL! ) He got hurt a little and it wasn’t nice of me to laugh, but it was just so funny! : )

Answer #4

Nah I confess, I literally can’t help it. Once I was crossing the road with friends, and one of them bumped into an old man. He apologised and kept on walking. Then we hear this shriek of “Peter!” and turn around. The old man just went down, and he was lying on his back with his feet and legs in the air. Everyone around quickly went to help him but I got the most embarrassing case of the giggles and as everyone helped this man from traffic I couldn’t even move ‘cause I was laughing to hard! Yeah. I find people getting hurt hysterical. I’m a bad person and I’m going to hell -_-

Answer #5

lol yeahh kind of, but when it comes to seriously hurt like ending up in the hospital no, that would just be mean..

Answer #6

I laugh for a minute, then ask if their okay. lol.

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