Is there a way to jumpstart puberty?

im about to turn 15 and i havent gone through puberty. is there any way to jump start this

Answer #1

first of all - SHUT UP 532kloop!! You shouldn’t make daturner7 feel bad about it! ur nasty if u just come on this site 2 b a *!

anyway - im sorry, you can’t jumpstart it - ull just hav 2 wait

but dont listen to weirdoes like 532kloop cuz ur only gonna get shite results!

Answer #2

u cant rush puberty.puberty starts when ur body is changing.

Answer #3

i agree with the above, you can’t jump start puberty, go see your GP and ignore stupid remarks made from stupid people like 532kloop

Answer #4

whaaat? you mean you havent even got hairdownsatirs or your balls havent droped?? you could jacko*f

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