What language do you dream in if english isn't your first language?

For me personally my dreams are kinda a jumbled italian and english, it varies nightly though. I’m just curious what languages people dream in who dont have english as there first language.

Answer #1

I once dreamed in Similish……

Answer #2

Haha wait that gibberish way Sim charecters speak?

Answer #3

Yeah! Haha it was so weird! My sister has a billion Sims games and I had a go once for like 2 hours before I went to bed. Then I guess my brain forgot English!

Answer #4

the dreams/nightmares i had are all in tagalog.

Answer #5

you dream the language that you perceive someone might speak if not english like saying if a blind person dreams they can see they would only see as the percieve the sense sight not as people with sight see it so however you percieve people talk if not in english

Answer #6

English is my first language but I sometimes dream in Japanese

Answer #7

lol then this is how you percieve people talking if english werent a lanuage thats so strange to be honest lol

Answer #8

its usually when I have been speaking Japanese a lot

Answer #9

I have dreams in Russian and Farsi most of the time. There are only a handful of dreams in which it’s all English and those are usually nightmares. Lol.

Answer #10

Great question! I think I must have a universal translator chip, as they’re always in English even when travelling and using or being immersed in other languages. I’ll start listening more carefully now!

Answer #11

It depends. I generally dream in Afrikaans. But sometimes also in English. Apart from when I am swearing or angry I don’t really differentiate much between the two.

Answer #12

spanish is hot

Answer #13

It was more of a question asking people personally what they dream in if english isn’t there first language. Meaning do they dream in english or there mother tongue.

Answer #14

EVERYONE IS WEIRD LOL i like it i only dream in english :( or black and white but thats not a language

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