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When I kiss my boyfriend he wants to use tongues and I dont know how ... Cann anyone helpp please :) x

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wow I had the same problem except my kiss was out of the blue so I didnt really prepare just tell him you r not sure but when you kissing if you slowly part your lips he should put his tongue in your mouth and you should then put urs in his and kinda like massage it

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well your obv a sh*T kisser then.
just kidding just kidding
ask your friend to make out with you and practise? ^o)
OROROR tell him your sh*t at it and hell help you

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seriously dont be afraid to ask him to lead the way lol after my first kiss the guy who was really experienced keot wanting to kiss me all night he loved my kisses so yay

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well darling we have all been through it. just go with the flow, it just comes naturally. believe me once you get the hang of it you'll be fine just don't think about it soo much and take your time don't do anything if your not ready!!! hope this helped
happy smooching :)

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when I had my first kiss I didnt realise he wanted to use tongues but the next day when we kissed again I just went with the flow and put my tongue in his mouth and did what he was doin he said my kisses were amazing and they were much better than all his other girlfriend's.

plus a tip that I tried once what writing something with ym tongue for example my name or his name he absolutely loved it.

hope I helped.

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lol:p thanx buhh I aint kissin my mayte :P

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seriously dont be afraid to ask him to lead the way lol

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