What is a helpful to to practice kissing on

I want to be prepared for my first kiss what should I practice on

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yOu start praCticing on stuff, yOu're gunna get it all wrOng... fOr inStance, say you practiCed kiSsing yOur hand or sOmething... yOu'll maSter that... yOu will be an experienCed hand kiSser... or whatever... nO... dOn't praCtiCe... EVER!!

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Practice on yer hand xD honestly before I ever had my first kiss I practiced on my hand lmfao akward but helpful...sort of heh

Inlove with the school playa...please help

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I've Had Bad Experiences & Very Good Ones . if You Do It On The Back Of Your Hand And Try Do it For Longer Than You Think You Will Be DOin This it Might Be Better, Plus , Close Your Eyes Its Rude To Stare :L !
Well Good Luck !!

can someone give me some help???
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You cant practise on anything. Its not the same. The only thing you can do is be prepared. Go slwo, go with the boys rythm and timing. Dont o straight in there 200 miles an hour if you get me. Relax and only do it when your ready

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