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kay so, me and my boyfriend just started to bring kissing into the relationship. and its more like an only partially open peck, I kind of want it to be more so I can really show him that I love him and its not like a pressure kinda thing because I want to but I dont really know how to just spontaniuosly use tounge I dont really know how I mean I dont want it like gross amount of it but I do want a little emotion into it do I just put my tounge inm his mouth? like and if I do what do I do with it? any kissing tips?

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dood just stick it in his mouth and wigly it aroundd.

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when you guyz kiss you should firmly grab round his neck, pull him close and running your fingers thro his that one kiss where like you kinda suck on his upper lip and he sucks on your upper know what im talkin bout? and then maybe he will get the clue that your ready to move on and he will get turned on. let the guy put their tongue in your mouth. and BTW when you suck on his upper lip dont suck too hard because then its just weird lol. the guy takes the lead after that and you kinda just follow with your tongue

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Alcohol and time. he'll do it (best quote ever)

if your doing pecks, best thing you can do is while your kissing, slowly open your mouth with each kiss, he will have to do the same in order to keep kissing you, than when you want to, put your tongue in at little bits, and when you feel his over yours, than just play with each other :P its a lot of fun

as for emotion... hmm simple thing is to just put your arms around him. or kinda feel him up while you do it.

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Hands anywhere above the shoulder area like on his cheek or on the back of his head shows a lot of passion.

why dos seeing the girl I like kiss another guy

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