Do guys feel boners?

Can guys always feel their boners? And do they usually get them from just seeing or kissing a girl they like. Lol just a random question I was wondering about.

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Yeah as it gets bigger I feel it against my pants if im wearing pants yeah its a tingly feeling and it kind of feels like when you are running or exercising except just in my penis. it feels warm. I get them sometimes from just thinking about something, in the morning. The best is when your dancing pressed against a womans body, it feels so warm.

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Hell YES It is crazy because you cant do anything about it!

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Can they always feel them? I can't really remember, I'm trying to get one now so I can answer... But, generally yes, unless they're really distracted by something else (like heavily making out, or something).
For getting one it really depends on the guy, and what they're thinking about. I usually require some heavy kissing.

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I love when guys have boners! They say it feels bomb boners turn me on!! Guys hit me up

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If a girl were to be laughing smiling and talking with me I could get a little hard .

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