What should I do to kindly keep away from someone?

This girl who I didn’t used to really hang out with is suddenly constantly following me and sitting next to me. And although she hasn’t been mean or anything, it’s really annoying me. I know it sounds harsh but I just want to be with my close friends and she is always asking me to go everywhere with her. I can’t think of a nice way to tell her to leave me alone without sounding horrible. Please help!

Answer #1

Stop texting/IMing her (if you do) answer with only short answers and use a polite fake smile when talking to her. if you appear distracted or looking for someone else it might help, but this also might help her catch on. Dont make any plans with her. if you do, make sure you’re in a group. just distancing yourself is a nice way to stay acquaintances without being best friends

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Thanks ^-^ good advice :>

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It sounds like she jyst wants to be your friend. I say get to know her 1st before dismissing her. Who knows, she could be a really cool person.

Answer #5

I personally find honesty a lot more kind then giving someone the cold shoulder and ignoring them. I mean.. thinking about it from a personal point of view, I’d be hurt if someone I tried to befriend was ignoring me. I’d wonder what the heck their problem is, you know?

Being honest doesn’t mean that you have to say “I think you’re seriously annoying”. You could phrase what you’re feeling in a very respectable way that would not make her feel hated or ignored. For example.. you could say something like:

“I’m really sorry, but I feel like it would be for the best that we did not hang out anymore. I appreciate your company, but I feel like we spend too much time together and I really would like to spend time with my other friends.”

You could change the phrase to suit your needs, but I think it’d be better for both of you if you were honest. You wouldn’t feel awful for not wanting the friendship and ignoring her, and she wouldn’t feel bad for being ignored.

Answer #6

Thank you very much I will try this :)

Answer #7

Yeah, I have been her friend for quite a while now, but I understand what you mean ^-^

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