How important and often should I do kegals?

I only do kegals when im having s*x or masturbating.Is this a good thing or will it effect me in the long run?How often should I do them or should I not worry about them at all and just contunue to only tightening up when having sex or masturbating? please help

Answer #1

Atleast doing them sometimes is better than most people. Do them as often as you can. I do the male version all the time, even when driving home from work.

Answer #2

do them a lot, I do while at work, driving, right now, its nice cause its undetectable lol. it will only affect you in a good way in the long run, its actually promotes vaginal health I think .

Answer #3

Thanks a lot guys.are they somewhat uncomfortable for u? because they irritate me when I do it’s all too much

Answer #4

Don’t do them whilke having sex only do them as everyone else said at work driving watching a movie in school whenever

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