kinda long, about my boyfriend, please read it!

okay, I’ll make this as short as possible. I need oppinions here. haha.

my boyfriend and I, have been dating about 11 months now. doing pretty good lately after having kind of a rough spot. we were doing crappy for a little while, and broke up for 2 months because I got drunk, and cheated.. yeah stupid, horrible..I know. were over that- and on everything, I’d NEVER do it again.. he likes to hold it over my head. we’ve been back together for probably 2 monthes. doing good. but last night I went to a “get together” not enough people to call it a party. and didnt have cell service. he got piss*d and randomley told me he was done. I dont beg, I just let it happen. cause that’s the kind of person I am. im sure he’ll come back.. but I just want to know why he was done. he has NO reason. also I found out last night– that he was texting this girl, asking how she was doing (her and her boyfriend broke up) you think that’s why were done? because he likes her? I mean, he’s sweet.. he cares about how people are doing.. that’s just how he is. ugh, ADVICE?

Answer #1

alright let me start by saying you need to just breathe. your too worried and your way over thinking this all. first off, he probably holds that over your head because hes still really hurt and wants you to feel the same pain that he felt. I know because I did the same things when I was cheated on in a past relationship. secondly, no your not done because of this girl, hes probly just like my husband. hes caring and just wants to make sure shes alrigghtt. and third, he kinda does and doesnt have a reason to be mad. he may think that you cheated on him again. maybe you could calmly say that nothing happened and tell him that hes free to ask anyone else who was there if theres any truth behind his assumption. its just a big misunderstanding. and if you really care for him, dont wait for him to come back. go get him, and make him realize that its just that; a misunderstanding. need anything else, all ya have to do is send me a message. hope things work out for you :]

Answer #2

Cheating is not something that is forgiven easily. Obviously he brings it up because he does not want you to forget how much you hurt him. It is quite possible that he does like the girl he texted. Yes it is true, while many of us in a relationship are monogamous, that does not mean we are not attracted to others. It is the love and respect for others that keeps us monogamous. The fact that you cheated on him gives him reason not to trust you. You made a mistake, one that has consequences. No matter how long you are together, that cannot be erased from the history of your relationship. You see, the cheating also has consequences on your end, now you are wondering if he wants to cheat on or leave you.

Sounds like you need to sit down with him and have a heart to heart. Because all that any off us can offer you on this site is speculation. If the two of you really love each other, you may be able to get past this. However, be realistic. There are many that cannot. It takes two to keep a relationship together… not one or three if you get my drift. I’m not trying to be cruel or insensitive, just giving you my honest thoughts. Good luck.

Answer #3

were over that-

Apparently not… his behavior suggests otherwise.

If you cheated on him, then he’ll never really trust you again; and he WILL continue to hold it over your head. You’re both better off just ending the relationship…

Answer #4

aww, try to talk to you boyfriend it cold have been just drunk talk.. I have had several boyfriend break up with me when they were drunk and didn;t even remember it when they were sober but most likely he is still upset about you cheating and he is using texting this other chick to get under your skin and make you jealous and it sounds like his plan worked. So I would just chill out and wait for him to call you or just send a random innocent text asking what he is doing.

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