What is the right kind of pretty?

Is there a right kind of pretty? What does it mean to be pretty and is it possible to be beautiful if you look younger, or older, than your age?

Answer #1

There is no definition of pretty, in my opinion. Somebody’s going to think you’re pretty, and somebody is going to think you’re ugly. It’s all about personal preference. Just because one person thinks you’re ugly, doesn’t mean everyone will think that, and doesn’t mean you are. You can be beautiful no matter what age or what you look like..

Answer #2

I don’t think there is a “right” kind of pretty. Obviously people look more attractive in their younger years but I believe that everyone is beautiful (or handsome for the guys out there) in their own way.

Answer #3

Considering that everyone has different taste and differen ideas of “pretty” and beauty varies from culture to culture there can be no such thing as the right kind of pretty. There are cultures where bigger women are seen as beautiful, tattoos covering your body and face are tradition and beautiful, plates and piercings all through your body is beautiful, body hair that is ungroomed is beautiful, etc. Every culture has its own defintion of beauty just as every person sees beauty in different people or things.

Answer #4

i agree with moe, there is no definition of pretty !
beauty is in thee eye of thee beholder !!! :)

Answer #5

While the whole beauty in the eye of the beholder does hold true to some extent (I’m a big believer), there is something to be said of symmetry. Symmetrical faces are thought to be more beautiful in general. There’s research on this. And what people in general deem to be pretty.

Answer #6

THERE IS NO RIGHT KIND OF PRETTY!!!!! look at yourself in the mirror and if you feel good about yourself and fell confident then YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL< HOT OR WHTEV U WANT TO BE CALLED!

Answer #7

natural beauty. meaning NO MAKEUP! no implants, if u have a good personality, i determine pretty if someone has a good personality, good hearted, wear no makeup, nice body thicke OR thin etc…

Answer #8

The right kind… Hmm.. Idk. But the one that is Proper is to be modest.

Answer #9

^^^^^ agreed!(:

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