What kind of eye makeup is good for asian eyes?

I’m chinese and I love dark makeup. My eyes arent the stereotypical squinty eyes, people tell me they’re pretty big for an asian’s eyes. Also, I have that fold on the eyelid? (not sure the term for it), but I still have the upturned asian eye. I love to use black eyeliner, and I also love black eyeshadow, although I never do the eyeshadw because I read somewhere that black and my skin tone will makke me look sallow. so, what kind of makeup could I use instead? How? and what colors?

Answer #1

I think black eyeshadow and eyeliner looks really good on people. But if you want to go for a different look, I would try more vibrant eyeshadow colors. like greens pinks and yellows. It would bring out your eyes more plus it would make people look at your eyes right away.

Answer #2

Not too familiar with it, myself, but this page has some good tips (scroll down about halfway): http://funadvice.com/r/14sao954iiv

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