What's the best kind of marker to write on a shirt with?

Answer #1

I’d go with anything permanent, if you intend on it staying there. If you want for it to wash off or if it’s just a joke kind of thing, make sure that it says “washable” on it. As for brand.. well, you could go with Sharpie?

Answer #2

Magic Marker…it doesn’t wash out…

Answer #3

I’m going to Warped Tour in a couple of weeks. If I get to meet any of the bands, I want them to sign the shirt I’m going to wear. I know sharpie will fade in the wash, so what kind of marker would be best for that?

Answer #4

you can use anything on a t-shirt but take into consideration that it may wash off after a few loads of laundry! Once we use to use all kinds of crafty paints or those glittery gel pens. If you want something more permanent. I would either have it printed so it lasts or really go with sharpie!

Good luck to ya!

Answer #5

My best advice is when you get the t-shirt signed…just frame the shirt so you dont have to wash it that way you wont have to wash it over & over again! :P

Answer #6

Sharpie markers do fade in the wash, so if that’s what you’re going with, just don’t wear and wash it.

Answer #7

there are certain ones made just for writing on clothing. they are way better than sharpies too! i forget wht they are called but i wud go look at the store lol

Answer #8

ooh you could do spray paint its really fun but it smells a lil at first but i like that smell so its good for me. and also permanent markers are good too. X3

Answer #9

sharpie’s the be st they come in all colours and for my friend’s bachelorette we coloured all our tank tops with sharpies!

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