What kind of gas is carbon dioxide?

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What do you mean by kind?

Answer #2

like carbon dioxide is a _ gas?

Answer #3

Well it is a compound, the only other type of gas I know are the noble gases which are elements and it is not one of them so I am unsure what else it could be

Answer #4

would it be natural gas?

Answer #5

ummm I.D.K ???

Answer #6

thanks :]

Answer #7

Carbon dioxide is a trace gas as it only makes up a small amount of the atmosphere, and it is also a greenhouse gas.

Answer #8

It’s a trace gas in our atmosphere, and when humans exhale, we exhale carbon dioxide. :) It is one element of Carbon and 2 cells of Oxygen to form Carbon Dioxide. :)

Answer #9

My guess would be greenhouse. And no, it is not a natural gas. And a compound is not a type of gas.

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Answer #13

You’re right, but oxygen is not a cell.

Answer #14

natural gas refurs to methane, but c02 or carbondioxide is a naturaly occuring gas in our atmosphere.

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