What kind is the best kind of elf?

Answer #1

I’m stuck between Link, Night Elf Mohawk, and will ferrel.

Answer #2

Will ferreal

Answer #3

Blood elves from warcraft :3

Answer #4

The guy who played an Elf on Lord of the Ring has the great elf looking thing going for him, blonde hair, pale make up and pointy ears.

Answer #5

legolas. :P

Answer #6

Orlando Bloom.

Answer #7

My favorite elf is Hermie from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Link isn’t an elf, he’s a Hylian.

Answer #8


Answer #9

Legolas definitely rocks. Because he is played by Orlando Bloom. And Orlando Bloom rocks.

Answer #10

Santas elves :DDD

Answer #11

on zeldapedia hylian and elf are one and the same

Answer #12

Altmers (High Elf) from the Elder Scrolls series! They are great magic casters in all forms of magic but, Destruction magic is what they are best at casting. So not only can they protect you but, they could heal you and conjure you a friendly Deadra too!

Answer #13

Will Ferrel all the way! :)

Answer #14

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Answer #15

Ooooohhh yeah >:)

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