keeping track of your period!! how do you??

how do you keep track of your period? does it start the same day of every month? im so confused!!! I just started.

Answer #1

when you 1st get your period. like in the beguinning then it wont always start the same because your bosy is still growing, but during that time it will chande by bout a week. once your pretty much dont grpowing then itll stay at the same time of the month. usally not the same exact time of the month but pretty darn close.

need more helop just ask me! ~ashley

Answer #2

umm well you can start by writin it on a calander or sumthing that you keep with you at all times sumtymes its ome on the sameday and sumetymes it doesnt it might come on at the begin of the omnth,the middle or the end of the month whos to know for sure if you want to keep it personal then you can write a codename for it (redhead aunt) I guess lol

Answer #3

It really depends, some women have regular periods and others don’t. To find out start keeping track, write down the FIRST day of your period each month count how many days are between each time. If you have a regular period it will be the same amount of says (the average is 28 days) then you’ll be able to know when to expect it again.

Answer #4

if your horemones are normal, you’re period is supposed to come every 21 days, last for 5-8 days, then start the cycle over again.. usually women don’t have their periods on the same day every month.. for instance.. if you start your period on the 1st of the month, it should be over with by the 9th (at the latest).. then you count 21 days from the 9th.. and thats when your next period should start.. of course every woman is different, but thats a general guideline :)

Answer #5

if your period is regular, you can keep track of it using a calendar and just being very dilligent and recording when it starts and ends every month. and you won’t know if it’s regular or irregular until you start keeping track! I use because it’s simple. hope that helps

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