Do you think keeping secrets is good?

Answer #1

it depends is it a secret that could hurt someone or is it an incent lie

Answer #2

telling the truth in always best in the long run…inless its going to hurt someone physically everybody has secrets

Answer #3

Most everybody has a secret they don’t tell anybody. Whether it’s a dark or just embarrassing one, they don’t like to share it. That’s perfectly normal. But secrets about a relationship IN a relationship, that’s unhealthy.

Answer #4

secrets always gives u pressure in mind.. be open minded person..this type of people always happy:)

Answer #5

Sometimes secrets need to be kept in order to protect people… But if it’s a secret that is harming someone, then it isn’t good. But keeping secrets that someone has told you, like if your friend confides in you and tells you their secrets, then it’s best to keep them.

Answer #6

I think it is good to share things but I also think it is good to keep some things private.

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