How do you deal with stress?

I GOT A JOB! I’m super excited…wish I could be even more excited but I’ve got two weeks of school left and super stressed. I’m trying not to let it get to me…How do you deal with stress?? I’ve never been good at it and lately because I can’t handle it well, I have panic attacks. But yeah! I got a job…at a place where I used to work (subway) lol.

Answer #1

I take a run until I’m like DEAD tired usually like 3 hours, come home take a HOT shower, then crash… haha =P

BTW Congrats =]

Answer #2

Leave work, at work…try not to pull too many all nighters…and congrats on the job. :)

From experience near when I was finishing college, I had an internship + two part time jobs…was pretty rough, trying to also look for post graduation work with no luck in that area.

But as long as you manage your time well & make sure to set aside time to unwind with friends, it’ll be OK.

Answer #3

yummy subway!!

I love that place! send me one! :P

well one way you can deal with stress is by go takin a run, or working out..get in a sauna..take a nap. (talkin about like 20-30 min nap)

hope that helped

Answer #4

Congratulations !! - if they give you too much money (or sandwiches), send my way !! LOL

Answer #5

dont stress 4 lil things k and congrats.have fun while ure fun dont let lil thing get 2 you LIVE LIFE LIKE ITZ URE LAST DAY!!!

Answer #6

I recently found out I get stressd without actually realising it. I took it upon myself to see a hypnotist, and I must say I feel a lot better. This can be expennsive so itas only one option out there. You could try breathing exercises, your GP can help with this.

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