just felt like sharing how I feel...

it’s cloudy everyday, it rains every night, my face gets wet, but my hair stays dry.. how’s that? they ask me. I’m quiet all day, I cry all night, I lay in bed, wishing I could fly.. fly where? they ask me. somewhere safe, away from the blues, where it’s sunny, and where lies are never the truth, why? they ask me. the truth is hidden, I’m living a lie, now I know the truth, I want to have a real life…

it’s not a poem, it’s just a way of expressing how I feel…

Answer #1

“ge3ma” idon’t have depression!! I’m fine!!! shut up!!! it’s just that I’m a little sad these days!!!

Answer #2

My mum (readmy last question) and youll understand why I’m sad, I’m not sad ALL the time, this is the first time in my life I feel so sad that I cant even smile!

Answer #3

So uh… anything you want to give specifics on?

Hell, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Rain rain rain and all I have is a motorbike. Need a job to run motorcike, need motorcike to grt to work. I going to run out of money very very shortly… uh oh.

Some times you just are sad. It’s a fact of life. Can’t have ups without downs, its all in relativity. If you feel really really,bad, you must have felt way better before, you cant just be ALL sad ALL the time if you get me…

Answer #4

do you have depresiione!!

Answer #5

“Just expressing how I feel” IS a way of poetry…

And that was very good. :)


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