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What do you think of my poem?

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how do you like this poem? remember this is off the top of the head. im doing this for a specific person she know who im talking about too.

distance seperates us like a restrianing order from a stalker> id even go to jail just to b right by her. read this carefully for you wont get my words twisted.that bay area chick already know the buiness.poetry isnt the only thing that we seems as if we both had parents that didnt talk about puddles of tears like uve been under a waterfall. you keep fallin and falling and falling until you hear that call>just like mario I can hear yo heart crying out for me.I can b yo prince charming rescueing you living happily.I can be that sweet handsom dude thats really carefree. or I can go freaky in the shower doing the nas-ty. I can be that sophisticated guy like I had a college degree.get down to that bay area level and get sil-LY just like v.I.c well you see this is what I have to offer me just being me> the question is which one do you want me to be???