Why we have to do jury service?

Why we have to do jury service, I dont know anything about being a juror, we have some benefit for doing this or not.

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i know that being on jury duty is considered a serive to the country so its mandatory also you dont have to know anything about being a juror you just hear a case and decide what you believe the verdict is also no you dont get any benefit but i think your job has to give you those days off and i think you get paid lil though for your jury duty service ...

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Wanna get out of it? Work for the government.

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lol yea or there is still hope though you might not even get chosen

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Being part of a jury is more important than you think. I believe you're entered into being considered for jury duty when you register to vote: it's like an extra little facet where you have your opinion heard. It may not benefit you, but it will benefit your community, which in turn benefits you, doesn't it? As long as you take it seriously, and consider the situations, whatever they are, thoughtfully, you'll be benefiting yourself indirectly. You are dependent on those around you. We all are. You'll either be punishing someone who deserves it, or setting that person free, meaning you'll either be putting danger away, or allowing a valuable member of society, being charged for something unnecessary, to go unpunished.

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Things vary. In Texas it was feared that getting potential jurors from registered voters would encourage people not to register and vote so now they get them from auto license and ID registration as well.

In the US defendants have the right to a jury trial.

You do not have to know anything about being a juror. You will be given instructions but once jurors are in deliberation they are free to do as they wish. Jurors can not be punished for the verdict they reach unless they were bribed, lied about their qualifications to be a juror, and stuff like that.

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