What do you think about Judaism?

Why are there so many anti Semites? Why do people hate Jews?

Answer #1

Its a religion just like any other. I dont have an opinion about it. While it is not my faith and what i believe in, they deserve the same amount of respect as anyone else. Freedom of religion.

Answer #2

Wicca ftw

Answer #3

Anti-semitism has existed wherever the Jews themselves have existed, but the most prevalent forms of it existed in the Christian and Muslim worlds.

Jews were the scapegoats during difficult times in Christian Europe for all kinds of reasons. They engaged in the “un Christian” practice of lending with interest, they spoke different dialects and had different customs. But mostly it was because medieval Christians believed the Jews were responsible for killing Jesus Christ. This perceived wrong has hung over the Jews in almost all the Christian countries they’ve resided. Everybody is aware of Germany’s history with anti-Semitism, but it first became powerful in the 1920’s and 30’s when Jews were blamed for undermining the Germany army in the First World War (strange since many Jews fought for the army) and for spreading communism. Nazi propaganda started mostly with this line of reasoning.

In Muslim countries, there has been anti-Semitism but for different reasons. Historically, Jews actually had more rights and freedoms in Muslim lands, however in some cases Jews were persecuted for not converting to Islam. And, more recently, many in the Muslim world oppose the state of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians, and in some extreme cases, the existence of Israel itself.

Answer #4

I have no idea. The whole history of Judaism has been filled with one form of horrible treatment or another. I dont get it.

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