What all jobs/careers can you NOT get with a GED?

Which jobs/careers require you to have a high school diploma?

Answer #1

Pretty much any job that pays.

Answer #2

I think for the most part, any job that you can get with a diploma, you can get with a GED, but it is up to the employer to decide whether or not to hire you based on that. Given that, it’s difficult to pinpoint which jobs are available to you. I’ve known people who work for insurance companies with only a GED, whereas others couldn’t even get a job as a waitress.

Answer #3

You’re not very helpful.

Answer #4

You do not have a sense of humor. So we are even.

Answer #5

Talk about rude

Answer #6

You’re response was not helpful. She is just asking what jobs she can get with a GED, and you say that she is rude. Can you stop stalking me now?

Answer #7

This is not the first answer I’ve seen of yours that is unhelpful. There’s being funny, and then there’s simply being useless….there is a difference, and I regret that you can’t seem to understand what that is.

Answer #8

Stalking? Her question was on my page seeing she’s my friend and I happened to see YOU in it, calm down dude.

Answer #9

You posted a status update to my profile. Stalking. Are you going to try and “poke” me next?

Answer #10

I told you in the status before I deleted it that I didn’t read your name closely, I’m against posers and I thought you were POSING as Kevin Jonas, so I confronted you, realized you weren’t so I apologized

Answer #11

Whats a GED?

Answer #12

Hmm…didn’t get the rest of the post. Still getting used to this thing. Now it makes sense. Sorry!! haha.

Answer #13

I deleted the post cause I get “bagged” on here and there and I wasn’t gonna let it happen again

Answer #14

General Educational Development - it’s a high school equivalence, but not an actual diploma.

Answer #15

The shorter list will be what job CAN you get.

Answer #16

Hmm, so do you think I will be fine in terms of finding a job or something later on? I am scared that nobody will hire me because I don’t have a high school diploma. But I think it shouldn’t matter because a GED is still an education, plus I will probably go to college as well.

Answer #17

If you don’t have anything helpful to say, don’t say anything at all.

Answer #18

Ok, for the real helpful answer. Let me be honest. Rather you have a GED or a High School diploma, that is not a concern nowadays. Honestly, getting a 4 year bachelor’s degree is like getting a high school diploma now.

What is your field of interest? I work in the IT field and moreso than education, work related experience is a big necessity. I’d much rather hire a technician who has years of experience than somebody that is just “book” smart.

However, I do not know your field of interest. If it has to do with business administration or management, you need more education. You need at least a 4 year degree. Masters should be a consideration nowadays too.

Answer #19

Here are a few things I am into….A counselor (not school counselor) and not with children, A secretary for a medical place, or law firm or something like that. As far as just regular jobs go, it doesn’t really matter what it’s about, as long as the pay is good…I just want to know, are regular jobs, or anything going to turn me down because I don’t have a high school diploma….I just want to know how hard it is to get a job without a high school diploma…

Answer #20

I honestly do not think it will be any different. To be an administrative assistance, I would say that GED is more than fine. However, to get better pay, you will need work experience or much more education. You said something about going to college. I would say go for it. However, please note that I know many people who go to college, get out, and still cannot find a job in their profession.

So, maybe you should apply for a job in the field of interest you have now. If you get it, then you can gain valuable work experience and possibly consider night school or online schooling. If you can’t get a job, get the education. It will benefit in the long run.

But, to answer your question simply, no difference in GED versus high school diploma.

Answer #21


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