How do i make my crush jealous enough to like me?

There is this boy in my school and he is really cute and nice and I really like him a lot.
He seems like he likes me because he is always staring at me but I can't really tell if he likes me so I don't know what to do but...
I really want to make him jealous so that he likes me more...
but the only thing that I do not know how do it so I really want to know how to do it because I really want to make him mad and make him so jealous that he goes really, really crazy...
So what should I do???


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When your talkin 2 him on the phone, click 2 the other line and say, o hold up leeme get diz, den wait a few minutes,(just press the mute button) and click back 2 him, say another guyz name, like, o sorry carlos ima talk 2 you later, and when he says, its jason or watever, b like o ma bad, hold up, wait 2 more minutes, and click back 2 your guy...workz great

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Everybody goes through periods where WE like someone, but they just dont like us back. Just because someone stares at you doesnt necessarily mean they like you. Its probably because he sees you staring at him. If he isnt interested in you, you cant/wont make him jealous!

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If you think he already likes you why don't you just build on that instead of risking a good thing? Also if he is not a jealous person it isn't likely he will become jealous, nor will he if he doesn't like you to begin with like she said.

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To make your crush jealous:
this is what you do. I talk to the other boys around me like he's
not even there. I smile a lot and laugh a lot too.
I tease him and make him feel like I might like him
then do the same thing to the guy next to me.
I agree that just because hebis staring at you doesn't exacty mean that he likes you. If you want to know if he does, watch what he does or send a friend out to see. Don't obsess over one boy if your single. Keep your options open because you are bound tobget heartbroken. Take it from a teen that recently found out. Good luck with this guy!!

Love-- Struggling Lover :D

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first thing that came to mind was date his friend and get close with him,he might loose a friend but you get what you want. (might not work sorry but I love this question its so evil (well not evil but you get what I mean) ) maybe sneeky is a better word yeah so goodluck

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if you caught your crush staring at has many reasons, like..he just wants to ask you something, or you have a dirt on your face, if they are staring at you it doesn't really mean that they has a valid reason..

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well you could always flirt with one of his best friends that just make him jealous enough to feel something for you

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so I just went through that same thing. this cute guy likes me and I liked him but its summer and so he doesnt want to be tangled in with a girl so I made him go crazy over me this is what you do. if you have his numer and you guys text just kinda not text him for 2 days, and he should text you after that and be like hey whats up why? because he misses you and this is playing hard ball. if you dont have his number but you guys talk, and like hang out then this is what you do. when you guys are talking, act like you spaced out and have a cute dazed look on your face and then go "huh? sorry I'm just... ya" and then giggle smile look at him then look down and then back at him. this drives a guy crazy! and constantly smile around him, thats one of the best things a guy likes about a girl. and if he goes hey you want to hang out, say I don't know I'll have to check I think I may have something already planned out. playing hard ball is the best thing to do. because a guy loves a challenge and if you ever have the chance to throw in some competition DO IT!! you'll have him for sure

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dont worry about makin a guy jealous.if he dont like you then hes missing out. theres many more guys out there whos actually worth it. trust me. I used to like this guy who was really cute but he didnt like me but now I found the one who is actually worth everything.
just remember no guy is worth your tears or your pain. go for what makes you happy and never frown even when your sad because you never no who is fallin in love with your smile. :)

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be cute and friendly, then be rude but not mean, he'll wonder what is going on, why are you treating him like that, if you and him text wait at least 20 minutes to text back, he'll be wondering what you doing , if he wants to make plans just because he don't have nobody around, tell him you can't your busy you have plans with a friend, but don't lie do wahtever you said ou'll do, that will make him wan to plan ahead, never text first, never ask why he didn't call because that will make him think you to attached and he'll want to back off, be yourself, don't go for his boyfriend that will make him think you are not a very serious girl and he'll hate you cause you detroy his friendship.

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my advice to you is to do whatever you feel to do to make him feel jealous but don't overdo it, as long as you don't let him break your self-esteem and then leave you heartbroken.
Because I had liked a boy and it turns out that he had liked me back and then when one of his friends found out she went back and told him and he stopped liking me and I showed him that he couldn't break me no matter what he did and now he is my boyfriend.
Because I am telling you from experience, boys like a girl who is strong and doesn't take everything to heart.

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I lke this boy
I can't get to the botom of things
Hes isnt interested in me. but interested in this other girl
How do I make him at least be my friend because my bff asked him if e likes me, AS A FRIENDand he said no. I was heartbroken!
What should I do?!

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Thats stupid. Jealousy only works on certain people. My suggestion? Watch how he approches other girls. If he flirts a lot, then I doubt he likes you. But if he stares and doesnt talk to them that much, then he might. The decide if he likes you or not. ASK HIM! I had the same problem, I was extreamlly tired of playing games so I was blunt and to the point. He'll either say yes or no, eaither way, it cant be thatt bad.

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