Who do you think was the best James Bond actor and why?

Answer #1

Well first James Bond movie I ever saw was Golden Eye so Pierce Brosnan has always came to mind when I thought of the James Bond movies. I really didn’t like the James Bond they had in C@sino Royal. He was rather whiny and lost his cool.

BTW i don’t think C@sino should be on the bad word list :P.

Answer #2

Pierce Brosnan is the best but Sean Connery is the classic Bond

Answer #3

Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. I can’t decide between the two.

Answer #4

Pierce Brosnam seems to be the best, but I also liked Timothy Dalton. Didn’t like either Sir Sean Connery, or Sir Roger Moore: both were too stiff and full of themselves!

An Australian TV Network is showing the ‘Bond” movies in sequence on Saturday nights right now so we havee a chance to see them for free and we can compare actors.

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