A james bond quistion

Who the best james bond roger moore,pierce brosnan,daniel craig

Answer #1

Definitely Sean Connery. And when he lifts that one eyebrow…

As far Roger Moore, I found him plump, sissified and generally unconvincing - go ahead and shoot me!

And, as fillet said above, Pierce Brosnan can be a great actor . but he is not James Bond.

Answer #2

I like Bond but I’m not a huge fan (I prefer the games) but of the 2 or 3 I have seen I Iike Pierce Brosnan. However I know a lot of people who would argue Roger Moore.

Answer #3

I like Sean Connery best. He was the grittiest Bond. I envision an agent like Bond to be even grittier than Connery. I’d say Daniel Craig is 2nd best.

I thought Roger Moore was the worst Bond. I like Roger Moore as an actor. Moore was great as Simon Templar in The Saint. He was just all wrong to play Bond. Pierce Brosnan is also a great actor, just the wrong actor for the part of Bond.

Answer #4

Sean Connery, hands down, was the best James Bond. The accent and the way he carried himself. And how could you forget the way he’d raise that one eyebrow…just Perfect.

My second favorite James Bond would have to have been Pierce Brosnan.

And as for Daniel Craig, I really do not like him as Bond. I have only watched one Bond movie that had him in it, and never going to watch another as long as he’s playing 007. I just can’t handle it. Bond is not supposed to be blonde… ugh. It’s unnatural.. I mean don’t get me wrong Daniel Craig is a great actor. I’ve seen tons of other moives with him and he’s awesome, but just not as Bond.

Answer #5

Sean Connery for sure. He would still look good as James bond as old as he is.

Answer #6

id say daniel craig first then pierce brosnan or sean connery and george lazenby would be dead last

Answer #7

Sean Connery, then Pierce Brosnan, then tie for third.

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