itchy boobs

lateley my boobs have been so itchy am not due on my periods till next month can some 1 please help me with what this could be? Thanks x

Answer #1

I had that problem when mine were going through a growth spurt. anyways if it is not from growth think if you have put any lotions/creams/soaps/etc. that you have not used before, in this case simply discontinue use of the product.

hope this helps=]

Answer #2

if you are intimate it means that you are horny. If not it means that they are growing. no need to worry. either get to you mate or just let nature take its own course. enjoy life

Answer #3

they may just be growing. I heard by a few people that when they itch they are growing. haha I don’t know but dont itch them. but cream I guess or lotion or someting

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