Itchy sore boobs

is itchy, sore boobs a sign or pregnancy? my husband and I are TTC and I wanted to know, also I have headaches all the time lately..

Answer #1

ah man well I mean its like on my front, on those two V bones there is the same design on each side… well its kinda low down so I don’t know I guess itll be ok. lol I saw your pics, your son is adorable :)

Answer #2

Good luck! I had my son at 22. He’s 4 months old right now, I’m glad I had him when I did. About the tattoo’s, you should be okay if their on your hips. The only one’s that really get messed up are stomach, thigh, and breast tattoos. Those are the parts of your body that stretch the most.

Answer #3

Ok! I really hope I am. I want to have a child earlier on in life, so I can be a young mom when theyre teenagers. haha wow I hope the tattoos on my hips dont look too stupid if I am pregnant! haha

Answer #4

“about 2 days later I had a light pink bleeding only 2 times when I went to the bathroom”

I missed that part. 2 days after you had sex you had light bleeding. That sounds like implantation bleeding. The timing is right also.

Answer #5

Okay thanks a lot. My areola havent really gotten darker but the edges seem like they got more raised up and bumpy than usual. I keep having some weird cramp in my vaginal area also. its pretty uncomfortable.

Answer #6

Despite what informer says, headaches CAN be a sign of pregnancy. Horomones affect people differently. My mom has 5 children and has been pregnant a total of 7 times. She had headaches with all of us. I would get a pregnancy test to be sure. Good luck.

Answer #7

thanks :) also today I started having weird cramps, not in my stomach but a cramp that seems to actually be shooting up my “area” I dont know what thaat means but its really uncomfortable

Answer #8

not all the time but normally its when you start your period, that your boobs hurt.. did you miss a period? if so then you may want to get a pregnancy test…

Answer #9

That’s part of pregnancy too. I used to get like electric shock feelings in my vagina area. It souds like you are too me. Just wait and take a test.

Answer #10

Itchy sore boobs and headaches ARE signs of pregnancy. You also mentioned that your boobs have grown and the areolas have gotten darker - those are also signs. I would say that you are based on what you have said. I can’t say for sure though. You have 2 weeks until you start your period. One more week and you should be able to test (only with test designed for 1 week before though). I know it’s hard to wait if your TTC, but you only have one more week! Just be patient and test as soon as you can. Make sure you buy more than one test though, because when you test that soon, sometimes you will get a false answer. If it’s negative. Make sure you took the test with your first morning pee. Wait a couple of days and test again. If it’s negative and your still not getting your period, see a doctor and get a blood test done.

Answer #11

well, I have two weeks until I start my next period. okay here comes the TMI, on the last day of my last period, he ejaculated inside of me. about 2 days later I had a light pink bleeding only 2 times when I went to the bathroom. and since those 2 weeks ago I’ve been getting random headaches and my chest has been very itchy and my boobs all the sudden got stretch marks and grew, my nipples are also changing. its weird…

Answer #12

You should be fine, they are low enough to not be affected too much.

Oh and my son, why thank you, I made him myself! lol

Answer #13

yes or its your period about to start

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