Is this right

Is it right that my dad told me that he was going to come get me 4 fathers day and never did?? He was always in and out of my lyfe and always in and out of jail whe he said that how was going to come get me for weekends he never kept his word. I just don’t know what to do

Answer #1

Call him and tell him your feelings and not hold it in. My dad was the same way,he’s fully out of my life cause I just couldn’t take his lies anymore,I mainly don’t talk to anyone in my family,if he refuses to listen over the phone,send him a letter explaining.

Answer #2

Let him know you care. Let him see you are not mad at him. Let him understand that you understand that if he could come, he would. Show him some love. Tell him it is alright.

Answer #3

If he doesn’t keeep his word, I would just forget him.

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