is this really bad?

ok, I only took in like 250 calories today. is this really really bad?

Answer #1

well if you dont feel good then its fine but dont starve your self if your trying to lose weight that not they way to go depending on your weight and height you proly need at leat 1000 aday to lose weight and maintain muscles but as long as you dont do that all the time

Answer #2

250 is a VERY low calorie intake. However, if it was just a one off it should be all right as long as you take in the recommended amount tomorrow. (I’d say around 1800-2000 generally)

if you meant 2500 with the extra 0, you should be fine, as long as you don’t make a habit of doing it every single day. It’s all right to go slightly over on occasions, it shouldn’t do much harm.

Answer #3

You need at least 1200 calories a day to keep your organs living. If your a teeneager you should get at least 2000. If you think your overweight you need to exercise, to change your fat into muscle. And even then you need a lot of calories. Exercising without food will only cause your body to use its organs as food.

Answer #4

How much do you weigh? and how active are you? These all have an influence on how many calories you should take it, but it still seems to low to me. check out the following site.

calculates approximately how much you should be taking in.

Answer #5

that is really not a lot. (sounds very low) but it depends to an extent, if you have been taking in so little for a while now then it is really bad, but everyone gets days when they are hungrier that others. I eat as healthily as I can but somedays I am not hungry at all and feel fine, whereas others I really eat a lot.

Answer #6

well it was like this today, yesterday, and all the other days I maybe take in like 500-750 or somewhere around there

Answer #7

thats prob. unhealthy no matter who you are. I think the min you should consume is 1k a day or something like that.

Answer #8

Um, I think so?

Answer #9

uh. duh. you are suppose to have 2000 a day.

Answer #10

250 is dangerously low. Even when doctors put very heavy people on low calorie diets, you hardly see them put them on anything less than 1,200 per day because your body needs certain nutrients to function, such as iron, lack of iron equals low red blood cells equals no oxygen going to your brain which causes all kinds of health problem and could eventually put you into vegetative state and this is just what missing 1 nutrient(iron) can do. Think of all the other nutrients your not getting and what it does. Even just physically, too skinny equals gross, no nutrition equals ugly nails, bad skin, dull thinning hair, dark skin around the eyes, guant drawn face, need I go on? Does any of that sound healthy or attractive? 250 one day out of a while due to extreme circumstances where you can’t get easy access to food is one thing, repeating days like this over and over will make you very sick.

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