Is there a real disorder where your mind is stuck in a video game?

There's a kid at my school who definately is not the most normal one around. He constantly gets made fun of, and I heard he has a mental disorder where his mind is stuck in a video game. It kind of makes sense now, based off of what I hear him saying and doing. Is there really a disorder like this? What's it called?

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Well, I'm sure it's not a specific disorder where this person is "stuck in a video game." I am sure others with the same disorder are just stuck in different fantasy worlds. This can even happen to a lot of military persons that have been to war, so it is not uncommon to the general public.

He may have Schizophrenia. Check it out here on Wikipedia

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You'd have to be more specific... is he delusional, or simply prefers fatansy over reality?

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