Is this a skateboard shoe?

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im also a skateboarder
I cant see what brand they are, they look like vans or something
really though, they should do fine
they look like a skate shoe, and have about as much grip as any other one does
I wear adio and globes, and the grip wears out in about 3 months
but it depoends on how often you skate and what you do
they should last you at least 6 months in my opinion
theyll do fine

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ok, look im a skateboared and that shoe is a skateshoe but you need something better I fell off my board wearing that same shoe b/c I didnt have enough grip on the board with my sneakers... I would advise to get better shoes

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yes it is a skateshoe, but not the best, not even close to the best. I run with Adio, Circa, and D.C. I get free DC shoes because im sponserd, but I also buy others. so I would recommend one of thoes 3.
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The hard thing on the shoe lace.

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yeahhh I skate with my adios, etnies, and D.C's
Vans aren't exactly the best though.

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yes, It is I believe. at least I use mine as skate shoes.

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thanks for the advice!

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no they are not I am a skatboarder and you need more of a grip like get dc or air speeds or air walks

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I don't think so.

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