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Is there any way to teach myself to swim?

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I've grown up in a city with no pools, lakes, or oceans. And I was too poor to go to those little kid swimming classes. So I never learned how to swim and im now 15 years old and I really need to learn because its bothering me. All my friends always ask me to go swimming with them and I get all embarrassed because I cant swim. And I really wish that I could teach myself to swim because no one will teach me and I dont have the cash to get someone to teach me. What I dont understand is how people can just jump into a deep end of the pool and float. Like...woah. I've jumped into the deep end but then I have to grab on to the edge of the pool you know? I cant just float there. How do you do that? Whenever I try I sink. Like, is it because im nervous? I don't know. Please help me learn!!!