Is there any place that sells ipod touches for less than $185

Besides eBay

Answer #1

Try ebay

Answer #2

try it sells thing for less or try they both work really well. xoxoTina

Answer #3

Here’s some stores - prices from low to high:–ipod+touch__sort–5.html

Take care !!

Answer #4

No. Ipod’s are set prices and cannot be bought at much lower than store costs. If so it’s really hard 2 find one, trust me I’ve been searching forever and I gave up. Apple is cheap and I hate them for that, all their products are heavily over priced!

Good luck, you might be able to get a used one. your next best option would be to steal one lol (jking NEVER steal!)

Answer #5


someone sells them on there they are used but if it works who cares.

Answer #6

second hand stores that sell electrical apliances and video consols, ect if you have a store like cash converters, they have them for much lesss there not breand new, but most of them (if they have any at the time) are in good/great condition

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