how much can I sell my ipod for in craigslist?

okay so its the new 8gb ipod nano (not the one with the camera but the other one) and its blue. I got it last February and it still works great. it has a few small scratches on it but they aren’t bad at all. if I don’t restore it, it has 1,466 songs on it and 2 music videos. I want to sell it so I can get an ipod touch. how much do you think I could sell it for?

Answer #1

You can go to your preferred area/city and search ipod. Then you can see how much other people are selling them for, and go for $10 less than everyone else.

Bewarned, you will get turdfaces who will ask for half of what you are asking, so just stick with it your price, they usually break down and pay what you ask.

Answer #2

You could probably sell it for about $10, $20 bucks less than you paid for it. People go on Craig’s List to save. ; )

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