is there any difference between being catholic and Cristian.

Is there any difference between being catholic and cristian because im catolic and I thought it was the same anybody knows the difference any answer is welcome thank you.

Answer #1

Christian means to be Christ Like.

if you try to live like Christ would want you to live then you are a Christian. There is no need to put labels like “catholic” or “baptist” on it because then we all get too wrapped up in who is right and who is wrong… when the truth is, we are all right and all wrong.

Christ wouldn’t want you to judge eachother’s ways of following him, he just wants you to follow him.

Answer #2

catholocism is a stricter kind of christianity… christianity is a very broad word.. I used to be catholic and it was just too much for me.. now im episcopalian (which is still christen) and it has a lot less rules…

Answer #3

if you are catholic you are a christian. Catholasism is just a denomination of christianity. Don’t worry about it. you are a christian.

Answer #4

Ready for the truth? Catholicism is apostasised Christianity. you can ask me why I say that cause there’s lots more.

Answer #5

Catholicism is a branch of Christianity

Answer #6

Catholicism is the oldest Christian church. 500 years ago, everyone in the wester world that was Christian was Catholic. The Catholic church is the only Christian church that can trace its history directly to Christ. There has been a unbroken line of 265 popes, successors of St. Peter. It has some of the oldest Christian churches in the world. One of its oldest, Basilica of St. John Lateran, was build in the year 324 AD. It took over 1400 years to complete. It also has the largest church structure in the world (St Peter Basilica) were you can find Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling. The Catholic church protected the writings of Jesus Christ’s apostles for hundred of years until it selected and put together the writings that corresponded to her main belief. The selection of scriptures that the Catholic church pick became known to her as “The Book” or better known to everyone else as the Bible. There are over 1 Billion Catholics in the world.

Answer #7

YES they have differnt views, believs and teaching towards certaint topics, euthanasia abortion contraception And so on (:

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