Is there a limit on how far a processor can be overclocked?

I know there are limitations in terms of heat e.g. you need very good cooling because the CPU gets too hot but is there a limit that the os to speak or a limit on the motherboard? Thanks

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its near impossible to fry a cpu nowadays mate...

the mobo will not allow windows to boot if the overclock is ott ;)

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Ofcourse, If you overclock it to much then you can fry it!
If your overclocking your CPU then you want to do atleast 400Mhz or you really wont notice a difference, Google your cpu for overclocking to check what sort of overclocking they are getting and copy theirs with like 10 under. This way your secure. Overclocking avoids warrenty.

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I ahve my 2.4 x2 @ 2.7

overclockin is so different now... I remember my athlon xp and all you needed to do was up the fsb

now you have to alter the volts etc

yes there is a limit to what you will get from them

if the mobo cant handle it it wont boot so you know you went 2 far

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