Is the tragus piercing dangerous?

My parents seem to think getting your tragus pierced is dangerous because it can affect your balance. I really want it done but they don’t agree with it. Is it really that dangerous?

Answer #1

If you decide to get the tragus done go to a reputable shop. Ask your piercer what type of jewelry they use. Don’t get pierced by them if they simply say surgical stainless steel. The jewelry you are looking for to prevent any “allergy” would be one of the following

*  Surgical Implant Stainless Steel, CrNMo 316LVM, ASTM F-138 *
* Surgical Implant grades of Titanium, including Ti6A4V ELI, ASTM F-136 **
* Niobium (Nb)
* Solid 14 karat or higher white or yellow nickel-free gold
* Solid platinum
* A dense low porosity plastic such as Tygon or PTFE

I would suggest the first two for a tragus piercing. That bump that dottedwithhearts is talking about is either a hypertrophic or keliod scarring caused by an allergy to the metal that was used. If you have further questions please feel free to email me. The piercing cannot affect your balance unless you do not care for it, get an infection, and in turn not care for the infection. If you do get an infection from not properly taking care of your piercing you will need to leave the jewelry in and get on antibiotics. Just make sure that your piercer knows what they are doing. You may want to visit to find a APP member in your area.

Answer #2

I just got mine done on the 12th and it didnt hurt nearly as bad as some of these people are making it seem. My balance has been fine and im completly capable of walking a straight line. this is my 18th piercing and my nose is still the most painful that I have had done.

Answer #3

A tragus piercing affecting your balance? I don’t know where your parents heard this but it is clearly a myth.

The ear is a complicated sensory organ that is composed of many parts. The visable (pierceable) portion of your ear mainly functions as a collecting duct for sounds in your environment. There is no nerve that would impair your balance in your outer ear. The middle ear and inner ear are located inside your head where you cannot see them. The middle ear is responsible for taking vibrations in the environment and conducting them to you brain. The inner ear controls your balance through circular ducts that are filled with fluid that send messages to the brain that orient your head position in space. To impair this functioning through a piercing would be near to impossible, and would take quite a nasty infection.

With the proper aftercare, there is no major risk associated with tragus piercings.

Answer #4

I have so many pirecings and no problems @ all so just tell your mom to chill because a little piece of surgical steel isnt going to affect your balence

Answer #5

Yes it can be dangerous but it depends how you treat it. I see that you are from the Southwest as so am i.. best place is Spike at the Art in Plympton

Answer #6

jokes. no way does it effect you balance. i got mine, the only problem is it hurts like a b*tch.looks bare cool tho so go for it babe. xx

Answer #7

I got my tragus pierced and yeaa mine got puffy and like there wsas dry blood but I love it! I don’t know what your parents are saying about that balancec stuff but I think if you want it then do it. I almost didnt get mine but im sooo glad I did =]

Answer #8

Hey. I got my tragus pierced a couple of days ago, it didnt affect my balance or anything!! it didnt hurt at the time but its a bit swollen now and it hurts a bit but just take painkillers and you’ll be fine! Dont sleep on it or that cause you’ll put a lot of pressure on it. It isnt dangerous if you take car of it. it’s like any piercing take care of it and you’l be fine. any piercing will hurt but I mean it mines didn’t hurt that much, my belly was worse. your mum and dad will soon let you get it done! good luck with gettin it done!:D


Answer #9

I just had my tragus done and despite what everyone else says mine did not hurt at all and it has only been two days and it still doesn’t really hurt. Also, everyone says you hear a “crunch” as the needle goes through your ear, but I heard nothing. So I think the trick is to find a good piercer.

Answer #10

Hmmmf, I should be getting mine done tomorrow, haha, won’t tell my mum about the balance thing :P It’ll be my 8th piercing, I’m hoping it won’t hurt too much!

Answer #11

I got mine done yesterday. I think the person who did mine was really great. I heard a crunch when the needle went in but other than that it was little, to no pain. I felt kind of weak afterward but that is just how my body reacts to piercings I think. (This is my 10th piercing.) It looks awesome though!

Answer #12

I just got mine done on the 12th and it didnt hurt nearly as bad as some of these people are making it seem. My balance has been fine and im completly capable of walking a straight line. this is my 18th piercing and my nose is still the most painful that I have had done.

Answer #13

I got my tragus pierced in July, haven’t had any major problems. It got a little infected, only because I got hit by a little kid while at work lol. But cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and anitbacterial cream fixed it. No problems since. I want to get the other one done now too.

Answer #14

I ad no trouble or pain with mine alto I ad mne numbd tho with I love it bt I’ve gt a stud an nt a ring bt I’ve neva erd of it affectinn your balanc

Answer #15

Umm I want to get mine done too and I have talked to plenty of people about there’s and I have hurd from every one no it doesn’t hurt maybe a little pinch and you will here the crunch with the needle and don’t sleep on it it will put pressure on it and make it hurt and if you won’t both done then you should get one at a time because if they are sore you want to have a side that you can sleep on and talk on the phone and do things. It deff. Won’t mess up your balance and you deff. Should NOT do it your self you could get really hurt not just an infection. I really want mine done but I have to wait till I’m done with cheerleading because I have to take them out for competitions or they will close but I’m going to get them done ! Good luck I hope I helped some :)

Answer #16

my sister got hers done and she hasnt experienced any problems. and it looks cool.

Answer #17

I got mine done it fcukin hurts aye bt gt it done it mean as I havnt had any probs with it at all apart from it gettin infectd bt that wasnt 2 bad jat don’t touch iy at all and it you do clean it before and afta and cleanit like 3 or 4 times a day and you will b SHWEET fcuk your parents

Answer #18

actually I just had both of my tragi? pierced last night, and today it has significantly affected my balance. at first I was freaking out, because I thought maybe theyd done something wrong, hit a nerve, put pressure on a nerve, etc, because I dont really know what, if anything, important, is in the tragus. but I talked to my piercer, who did an amazing job by the way, as well a few friends that have had theyre tragus pierced, and they ALL told me that the day after, theyre balance was off, even if it was just a little.

these are my second tragus piercings, I had an issue with an allergic reaction the metal used last time, but this time the piercer used surgical steel, adn aside from walking around like im drunk, I havent had a single issue yet! I love them!

Answer #19

Yes, it’s going to hurt all piercings do!! It’s the way you take care of it that makes a difference!

Answer #20

no, it’s not. I got mine done in the middle of july. there is a high chance it’ll get infected, (like a bump right above the ring, just go back to where you got it done and they’ll fix it) and it’ll be sore for a few weeks, but other than that, there’s nothing to worry about.

and there’s no way it’ll affect your balance what so ever.

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