Is sticking things in your urethra harmful?

is puting thing up youu eurthera hard ful if you take it out

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There are medical conditions that require that, but I imagine that if done incorrectly, it could damage ones urinary bladder. A lifetime of leaky-pee. Yee-haw.

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I'm pretty sure it could be.
I've heard of people putting things up there before without being harmed, but it's not advisable.

To be on the safe side, you shouldn't do it.

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hahah what the f*ck man, you have problems lol

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WHOA, why do you want to do that???

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no I always do it JOKE

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If you use extreme caution with cleanliness, preferably using sterile technique, this can be an extremely pleasurable form of sexual stimulation. It's best to use a new urinary catheter, start with size 16. It is flexible and actually very comfortable to wear. Lots of medical supply sites on line will sell them to you with no prescription. I recommend getting the whole kit, complete with instructions for sterile technique. You might want to get a belly bag too if you plan on wearing it, and trust me, you will! Enjoy!

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Epic Fail. Do not do it man.

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