Things to use to finger yourself

What are good things to stick yourself with

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this is a grim question !

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you can use the front part of a vibrating toothbrush and move it up and down (I've tried it)

when you get fingered what do you wear
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I dont have a answer I have a question...
I 've fingered myself before but nothing happens! Am I doing anything wrong...its wet and I stick my finger in and no feeling at all!!
And what items in the house could you use?

Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you?
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ohkay well im not sure im really tempted to finger my sefl but I dont knoe what to uese :(

why does my vagina burn while im being fingered?
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the best is a vibrating toothbrush it feels so good use the back part of the part you use to brush your teeth with

Do you bleed from the first time you are fingered?
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I've herd you cn use toothbrush (electric or not), your dog to lick it (disgusting if you ask me) corner of a pillow (allrite) and the BEST is running the tap in the bathtub and putting your v4g1n4 underneath it (I had an orgasm the first time!!!)
Luv you loads

When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?
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I'm not old enough to go out and but something on my own and I know my mom would never let me buy a sex toy or anything of that sort

Can you get fingered with a UTI?
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Get a toy
=) they are the best
you can even get one at walmart its used for a condom its called a duo vibration its where the condoms are and you can use that on urself if your not old enough to go and get a toy for yourself

What is this hard ball thing in my vagina?
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I've heard of people using; fruits, end of a hairbrush/toothbrush. Sex toys are obviously the best but whatever you use make sure it's 100% clean and safe so you don't get an infection.

Itchy finger
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Can you get pregnant by fingering with sperm on finger
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Try sandpaper if you’re feeling adventurous.

How does fingering your-self feel?

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