Is paper 2?or 3 deminsional?

Is paper 2 or 3 deminsonal?

so, which one is it?

Answer #1

to be honest with you, you can’t tell from what anyone on this site says. some will say 2d, some will say 3d. it’s very strong belief for anyone on here what they believe in. I saw a battle go on for ages about paper. you’ll never truly know. in my opinion, it’s 3d. it has two different sides. a drawing, however, would be 2d cause you can’t see the back of a drawing cause it does not exist. paper has a back side. but it’s just whatever you believe.

Answer #2


Answer #3

3d… however small the height is it still exists…

Answer #4

its actually 2 because the hight is sooo small which can be neglected

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