Is online shopping with a credit card safe?

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It is almost always safe if:
1.) You are on a well known web site (and didn't get there through a spam link)
2.) You checked to see that the site was secure. (Lock icon in your browser and https in the URL. If you don't know what that means DO NOT shop until you do !!! )

An even more secure way would be to do the above, plus one of these two:
A.) Use a third party payer like PayPal, or
B.) Use virtual credit card numbers. Citibank and others have an online setup that creates a temporary number that is good for a limited amount of time and ONLY at that one merchant. The next time you need to use it, it creates ANOTHER number that is only good at that NEW merchant, and so on.

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as long as you dont save your credit card number in any website.

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I like your tips.But in my view online shopping with credit card is not safe because hackers can hack the password of online banking.To do online shopping I prefer the it is very safe for shopping with credit card

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with this one and most others yes.

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Online shopping using a credit card is definitely safe. However, there are few safety precautions that you need to know to guarantee that you have a hassle-free online shopping experience.

1. When using a computer to go online shopping, make sure that an antivirus is installed. In this way, the information that you send will be encrypted and will not be easily stolen.
2. Never ever use a public computer.
3. Always check the reputation of a site you wish to transact with. Check their trust ratings which should be usually shown on the upper right or left corner of their site or beside their information.
4. Do not auto save your credit card or any personal information.
5. Always log out of any merchant site.

To know more, check out the article given below:

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Yes absolutely, online shopping with a credit card is fully safe. Me also using a credit card processing company for shopping and payments. It is fully safe and secure. It is also providing us some different online services like Merchant Services, Online Credit Card Processing For Small Business, Online Merchant Account and Accept Credit Cards Online.

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<a href="">Why is it a Good Idea to Use Your Credit Card for Online Shopping?</a>

Credit Card Info
Another imperative motivation behind why you should put your shopping costs on Mastercards is that it will help you in building credit. When you use charge card for buys, the sum gets specifically deducted from your record. They may give you a few prizes, however neither do they enable you to assemble credit nor do they report your record action to credit authorities.
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