Is Nick Jonas hot?

is nick jonas hot? uhh. YES

Answer #1


No, he’s not a guy. When I think of a guy, I think of someone whose testicles have actually descended…

Jonas Brothers FTL

Answer #2

hes REALLY annoying him and his clown-like ‘punk’ clothes and his douche-nugget bros… anyway yes he is cute

Answer #3

I think that the word to describe nick would be cute.

Answer #4

of course! lol so is joe.. I kinda feel sorry for kevin though. hes kind of the odd ball. I mean a bunch of pple think he is hot but not near as much as joe and nick have.

Answer #5

yes he is gorgous almost evry one falls 4 his curly brown locks ad puppy dog eyes so yes he is!

Meh? Almost everyone? You mean everyone who’s under the age of 15? Still not seeing this “hot” thing…

Answer #6

eeww how is NICK JONAS hot?

Answer #7

ya he cute so is JOE!

Answer #8

hes hott but his music sucks!!! there want to be rockers sonserded by disney!!!

Answer #9


Answer #10

Hell ya he is

Answer #11

well duh he is so hot. lol. so are his brothers. they are studdmuffins. lol

Answer #12

hes pretty cute. so are his brothers. his parents must have been using magic condoms or something. make that magic broken condoms

Answer #13


Nope… he’s not. But he IS pressing charges…

throws thermometer in trash

Answer #14

nick jerry jonas I love you sooo much I will die for you.

Answer #15

grabs another thermometer

Shall I… check again?

Answer #16

that is like the easiest question in the whole wide world lol

yes =]

Answer #17

yes he is gorgous almost evry one falls 4 his curly brown locks ad puppy dog eyes so yes he is! and he is so yummy!

Answer #18

is that a guy?

Answer #19

Is nick jonas hot?


I dunno… I’ll go check…

grabs rectal thermometer

Answer #20

I’m not a fan of the Jonas Brothers, but Nick is definately the hottest one!!!

Answer #21

hell yea!!!

Answer #22

I think joe’s wayyy hotter than he’ll ever be. xD and no, I’m not a fan of the Jona’s Brothers, but yea. xD

Answer #23

uhm…DUH. and so are his brothers!!!

Answer #24

Meh… I prefer men to boys. But that’s just me.

Answer #25

helll yeah. he looks like my current boyfriend. but nickk jonas has longer hair.

Answer #26


Answer #27

he’s not hottt… HE’S GORGEOUS!!!… I <3 him

Answer #28

No, I like the other two more. I think mainly Joe.

Answer #29


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