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Is My Short Story Correct?

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1) Pls correct my own made story and its my first try. 2) Is there anything you can Add? 3) can you pls give me a suggestion, tips, hints, technique, & hints?

Another love story from childhood, hope you enjoy reading… Long time ago in the year 2001 there was a guy name Nathan who was in elementary. This guy was some kind of a weird person in the campus. He has no friend that time mostly he want to be a alone contented with it. Then he met Anna she was a typical girl that time, Nathan learned to have friends with Anna they enjoy each company. One year after Nathan change school there is no available time in going with Anna.

Then he met another girl in grade 4 named Helen, also became close with him. They became friends for two years. Then again they separate their way because they went to high school. From first year to second year Nathan became alone again, he was openly contented for that. But suddenly when he turned to third year this make a big change to Nathan there is a girl who cached his attention. Surprisingly that girl was Helen even though they haven’t meet for a long time their friendship was not changed. Nathan’s feeling was turned to love but he doesn’t know how to tell it.

Tnx a lot