is my dog blind?

my dog is 2 years old and one of hear eyes are white what does that mean

Answer #1

how’s your dog been acting? yes, it could be blind. My dog is getting old and her eyes have been a pale blue for years they’re turning white as well. take her to the vet.. if she is going blind dont move furnature around dont freak out, I’ve heard of plenty of animals going blind but are perfectly happy just dont move anything lol did your dog get into any fights?

Answer #2

white is a a lose of vision her retno lost color witch means your dog is blind srry

Answer #3

It means your dog is blind in 1 eye

Answer #4

Wow I’ve never heard of this. Perhaps you should call the dogs vet. Does it seem to see alright?

Answer #5

has she been seen by a vet?

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