Is joe jonas married

I read in a mag that joe was ingaged 2 ashly simpson

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I highly doubt that. I don’t think it’s true at all.

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I think he is .if you think he isnt your a craphole.who even cares! or maybe hes not!

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No Pete Wentz Is Engaged To Ashlee Simpson

You Could Have Gotten Them Mixed Up

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I like Joe Jonas to he is HOT

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you would have to be silly to beleive that ashlee is engaged to pete wentz dont beleive everything you read most of the times those magazines get things wrong and then girls go telling there freinds something they heard then before you know it everyone beleives rumars that arbnt true

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I think because he has a ring on his ring finger

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no way. never

thats not true 4 sure!

ashlee is engaged to pete wents from fall out boy

shes such a faker trrying to act punk to fit in with pete

but I bet they wont last

but no I promise you shlee and joe jonas have no relation whatsoever

hope this helps

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