Taylor swift and joe jonas?

Haha ok so I always laugh at the little girls who obsess about the jonas brothers on funadvice… But I heard that taylor swift and joe jonas were going out!!! Ahaha is this true???

Answer #1

haha they WERE dating.. but joe wasnt really serious about it as taylor was.. and he broke up with her. so no. :D

and kevin is with Danielle. they have been for a while.

nick… um I have NO clue if he’s dating anyone or not.

Answer #2

yes, it is confirmed by people magizine that they are dating.

Answer #3

umm I heard he has a crush on her and would date her

and nick and selena gomez are together

and kevin is the only single one.

Answer #4

No there definitly not! it is totally a rumor!

Answer #5

omg..I sure hope there not dating. I like taylor swift, but I dont ;like the jonas bros..gee…I SURE HOPE ITS A RUMOR!!

Answer #6

what!!! thats crazy I dont think so though last I heard all the joe bros are single!

Answer #7


Hottest Girl Ever + Hottest Guy Ever = Dayummm Mayneee!

They Would Make A Cute Couple

Answer #8

no just a rumer…I LEAST I THINK SO…HOPE SO…

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