Is it weird to not feel pain?

I kinda feel it, but I havent felt pain in a long time. Like this summer I broke my hand, and didnt know it, and I had surgery on my elbow, and didnt even have to take any pain it good or bad?

Answer #1

some people dont feel pain its not bad but its not good either because you could have serious problems and not know it because you dont feel the pain.

Answer #2

It is not normal. Pain is a warning system to let our body know that something is wrong. Let your doctor know about this. Good Luck!!

Answer #3

I broke my toe ages ago and I just laughed lol, and when I broke my finger I didnt even think of it, I think its pretty normal

Answer #4

Dear jaes, there are a few conditions that stop the body from feeling pain. You do indeed feel some pain so that’s a good thing. Certain areas of your body it seems does not feel any pain and this is very dangerous and may be related to something serious. You should speak with your doctor about this ASAP. Sue…good luck

Answer #5

No its not normal. I didnt know you had actually broken your hand but you did say it was sore. You punched a wall didnt you? So you are human because you did feel pain.

Answer #6

I am currently going through the same thing, well im forced to be that way… :S, But as for it being good or bad would depend if you feel it happen and it doesn’t bother you a lot but you know it happened, I would say it is good because you can see and acknowledge the injury… If you dont even notice a cut or something it could be fairly bad because you might get injured pretty bad and not know about it, and it could get a lot worse and have severe consenquences in the end, and longer affects. Hope it helped.

Answer #7

Have your blood checked for Lead Poisoning. A symptom of Lead Poisonong is nerve damage. Lead goes to your bones but it can affect the nerves and the way they perceive feelings such as pain, hot and cold. Don’t trust your doctor? Get a second opinion! You are the boss and don’t settle for anything you don’t think is the right answer.Take notes,do research, ask questions. Good luck!

Answer #8

Its neither really, some people are just like that. I guess your kind of lucky in a way, because pain isn’t fun.

Answer #9

and havent you consulted a doctor for this??

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