Is it weird that I am attracted to unshaven women?

I particularly like when women don’t shave “down there” and I like it when they don’t shave their armpits. I’m indifferent to hairy legs, probably because I’m not a “legs man”.

Answer #1

No, not weird. Not even that unusual. It’s fairly commonplace for guys (and girls) to not want their partners to look like children down there.

Attraction is always subjective and should never be held up against someone else’s standard of “normal.” You like feet? Fine, you like feet. Ignore the people who say it’s weird. As long as you avoid animals, children, and dead people, anything goes.

Answer #2

Yes, you are just fine. Todays culture tries to put emphasis on unanutural states of beng. Having body hair is natural. No big deal. If more people could accept people for who they are, and not what they can alter themselves to be, we would have less people being unhappy with their looks.

Answer #3

I guess its like some people have a phobia(hatred) you have a philia to hair girls(u like that) its normal for humans to have different tastes in different things so yeah it is definetly normal

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