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Is it true when a guy touch your hair/head, means that they like u?

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He's like 3 to 2 years older than me. I'm 18. And he only does that to me.

He also showed some gestures/signs that makes me think that he likes me. He's my friend's best friend btw.

1) He looked at me for no reason at times.
2) He touched my head/hair
3) He is always so concern whether I have eaten or not
4) He gave me some cookie yesterday.
5) He told me to txt my friend when I reached home
6) Whenever we chat on FB... he tries to keep the conversation going.
7) He waited for me to climb up the stairs while my cousin and his girlfriend walked first. (we were @ a club)
8) whenever we walk side by side, he doesn't mind how close we are.
9) whenever our friends and I are just standing somewhere. He'll stand beside me
10) He put his arm around my waist when I almost tripped.